Club Projects



1. Peace & Conflict Prevention/ Resolution

2. Disease Prevention/ Treatment

3. Water & Sanitation

4. Maternal & Child Health

5. Basic Education & Literacy

6. Economic & Community Development

7. Support the Environment

Imagery Brought to Life

August 19, 2020

Books that bring images to life using a smart phone. Especially impactful in hospitals and homes where persons are bedridden. The beautiful photos in the books come to life including sounds. 

Bali Scholarships

July 23, 2020

Bali Scholarships provides students at the Bali Suta Dharma school with the necessary funding for elementary school attendance.

H2Open Doors

July 23, 2020

H2Open Doors provides safe, clean drinking water to rural villages throughout the world. Using the SunSpring ( water purification system, this stand alone, wind and solar powered treatment plant provides up to 20,000 liters per day of disease-free drinking water to people in remote locations.

Village Tech Solutions, Nepal

July 23, 2020

Village Tech Solutions brings lights to darkened villages, bridges across impassable gorges, educational materials, and arsenic-free water.

Morocco Library Project

July 23, 2020

Morocco Library Project is the brainchild of our member Barb Mackraz, who after visiting Morocco on a pleasure trip, was shocked to discover a complete lack of libraries and access to books. Starting with a dream and one library, she has established more than 30, with 30 more in the works.

The Village Link, West Africa

July 23, 2020

The Village Link seeks to disrupt the cycle of poverty in rural underserved communities in Sierra Leone,  through entrepreneurial mentorship, digital learning, and vocational training.

Rachel Pi, Guatemala

July 23, 2020

World Possible and Rachel Pi delivers educational content to rural areas in Guatemala that do not have access to the internet. 

Nicaragua College Fund

July 23, 2020

Nicaragua College Fund makes possible trade school and college education for young people who are committed to improving their lives and who, without our help, might never break the cycle of poverty.

Rebuilding Alliance, Gaza

July 23, 2020

Rebuilding Alliance works in the most neglected places on earth, Gaza. From establishing a birthing center, helping to rebuild homes, providing Luci lights in areas without electricity, mapping "lost" areas with the aid of Google, RA is on the front lines helping the forgotten and the hopeless. 

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Christmas Toy Drive

Yearly Christmas toy drive with Woodside Fire Department.