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1. Peace & Conflict Prevention/ Resolution

2. Disease Prevention/ Treatment

3. Water & Sanitation

4. Maternal & Child Health

5. Basic Education & Literacy

6. Economic & Community Development

7. Support the Environment


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Looma Education

With 1/100 of California's per-pupil budget, many schools in Nepal lack reliable electricity, the Internet, and teaching resources. The interactive, inexpensive Looma system, powered by solar, overcomes these barriers with bright projected video, ample audio, and a library with the national curriculum, open-source content, teacher aids, team learning-exercises, and lesson plans.


Nicaragua College Fund

Nicaragua College Fund makes possible trade school and college education for young people who are committed to improving their lives and who, without our help, might never break the cycle of poverty.


Morocco Library Project

Morocco Library Project (MLP) develops English class and school libraries in the most underserved communities of rural Morocco, in collaboration with local teachers. Starting with a dream and one library, MLP has developed more than 50 of these libraries and now also runs short story competitions for young people.


Mundo Posible

Mundo Posible (World Possible) provides RACHEL devices to rural schools in Guatemala, bringing access to educational websites in an offline format.


The Village Link

The Village Link disrupts the cycle of poverty in rural underserved communities in Sierra Leone, through entrepreneurial mentorship, digital learning, and vocational training.


Mara Girls Project

In a region where only 1 in 15 girls makes it to secondary school, Mara Girls Leadership School in Talek, Kenya, provides a high-quality education for the most motivated teen girls. We supported OliveSeed Foundation on a library project and other educational enrichment at the school.


Jore School

We supported the Jore Primary and Secondary School in Ethiopia with curriculum development materials, furniture and upgrades for classrooms, computers, latrines, and more. Our club member Adane is an alumnus of this school.


Ecuador Microcredit

Our club collaborated with other Rotary Clubs in the district to provide 100 low-income people with vocational and business training and microloans to set up their own small businesses.



H2OpenDoors provides safe, clean drinking water to rural villages throughout the world. Using the SunSpring ( water purification system, this stand alone, wind and solar powered treatment plant provides up to 20,000 liters per day of disease-free drinking water to people in remote locations.


Rebuilding Alliance

Rebuilding Alliance works in the West Bank and Gaza. From establishing a birthing center, helping to rebuild homes, providing Luci lights in areas without electricity, mapping "lost" areas with the aid of Google, RA is on the front lines helping the forgotten and the hopeless.


Bali Scholarship Fund

Bali Scholarship Fund provides students at the Bali Suta Dharma school with the necessary funding to attend elementary school. We sponsor 5 students each year.




Jasper Ridge Farm

Inspired by the comforting power of animals, Jasper Ridge Farm provides a special experience for people in need. Since 2009, they have been offering therapeutic animal assisted programs free of charge for children and adults. 


City Trees

City Trees plants and maintains trees in the neighborhoods, parks, and public schools of Redwood City. Their mission is to improve the quality of life in the greater Redwood City area through a healthy and beautiful urban forest.


Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together Peninsula repairs homes of families, seniors, people with disabilities, and victims of disasters. We join them as volunteers workers on "rebuilding days."

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Imagery Brought to Life

This organization creates multi-media nature books that bring images to life through movement and sound using a smart phone. The books are delivered to hospitals and homes where people are bedridden.


Christmas Toy Drive

Every December, we hold a toy drive with Woodside Fire Department, delivering gifts to children in the most underserved neighborhoods of San Mateo County.

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